Summer Bliss


Summer Bliss

Is walking Butchart Gardens and savoring High Tea with A Friend.
This past weekend, I enjoyed my first ever visit to the Butchart Gardens “Dining Room” and the gardens in the summer. My friend and I were favored with a table on the outdoor veranda. The sun’s brilliance gleamed over the lawn, warming the grass. Laughter filled the air, as children rolled down the lush green lawns. The scene idyllic.
The tea began with their signature candied ginger scones with Devonshire cream, savories such as asparagus quiche, roasted onion… Savory and sweet balanced and the portion size generous.

After such indulgence, the tea was the perfect Segway to walk the gardens. As we left the Dining room, the warm breeze carried the spicy scent of sweet william an indication of what awaited. The hallmark of summer at Butchart gardens: azaleas, columbine, delphiniums, begonias, poppies, sweet william, dahlias, begonias, hydrangeas, fuschias, hanging baskets, and, of course, the roses. I am unable to put into words mMy enjoyment of the gardens as all the senses are enlived. I can only say a visit is a must for all who visit Eagle Rock Bed and Breakfast and Vancouver Island.

Some Insider’s Tip: During peak season (July–August), the gardens can get quite crowded between 11am and 3pm. Arrive right at 9am when they open, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful lighting for your photographs.

Did you know?? On summer evenings, the gardens are filled with thousands of lights, with fireworks displays taking place every Saturday night in July and August.

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