Return of the Herring

Those who are wait on Vancouver Island beaches after the summer has faded away, an even bigger gathering takes place in the winter. For some of us who brace yourself against the cold Pacific storms find another kind of beauty in the mist-filled mornings. One of our extraordinary events is happening now in the waters of the Salish Sea on near Chemainus. From hawks to herons, seals to sea lions and weasels to whales, are making their way to the shallow areas join in the celebration of the return of the herring.

Vancouver Island becomes a dazzling aquamarine blue from herring milt. It is the country’s largest annual Pacific herring spawn. When the herring arrive, the coastline springs to life. ┬áThe spawn attracts marine life, from everywhere and everyplace. ┬áThousands of gulls, herons, bald eagles, seals, sea lions gather for the feast.
Come join us and stay at Eagle Rock Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the return of the herring.

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