Chemainus Theatre–Jeeves Takes a Bow

This is the third time Jeeves Takes a Bow, playing from September 8 to 30 will play in Chemainus Theatre. Hilarious British comedy!!

The charming and feckless Bertie Wooster is visiting the New York. Bertie becomes entangled with a lovelorn pal, swapped identities, a dangerous bootlegger named Knuckles a surprise fiancée named Vivienne, and a Broadway musical called “Naughty Natalie!” Once again, it’s up to level-headed Jeeves to save the day – and steal the show!

Jeeves Takes a Bow continues to dazzle audiences with the camaraderie, mischief, modish slang, shrewd insinuations, gratuitous abbreviations, bewildering metaphors, and delightfully lavish narratives.

Stay with us at Eagle Rock Bed and Breakfast Chemainus, and enjoy scrumptious breakfast with an ocean view. We are located just 3 minutes from Chemainus Theatre.



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